All about: Female Rage. Dance as resistance. Mess. Embodiment. Dark humour. Vulnerability. Struggle vs Stillness. Drag.


Selected Exhibitions and Performances


UK Tour of Dressed, Home, Manchester | 4th-8th June

UK Tour of Dressed, The Garage, Norwich | 24th-26th May

UK Tour of Dressed, Tobacco Factory, Bristol | 21st-23rd May

Encore, Brouhaha, The Lab Gallery, Dublin | 25th April

STASIS Best of Best of, A Vague Sense of Anxiety, Residency and Performance IMMA, Dublin | 14th- 27th April

UK Tour of Dressed, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh | 11th-13th Apr

UK Tour of Dressed, Shoreditch Town Hall | 26th-5th Mar Apr

UK Tour of Dressed, Glasgow Tron Theatre | 14th -16th Mar

UK Tour of Dressed, Battersea Arts Centre | 26th - 2nd Feb Mar

Tracksuit Trendy, Liverpool, performing for Lola de la Mata | 2nd Feb


Sissy Fatigue, screening and performance evening, Nora Almes and Hervisions, Brunel Museum | 11th Dec

STASIS Heavyweight 360 video released via BBC scotland | 19th Sept

STASIS Cherry Lips, Crystal Skies, Mimosa House, London, curated by Nora Almes | 14th Sept

STASIS The Last Aha, Salon 63, London | 15th Sept

STASIS The Sedate, Merchants City Festival, Glasgow | 10th Aug

Dressed, Edinburgh Fringe Festival | 5th-26th Aug

STASIS Romanticrash, Jupiter Artland Edinburgh | 28th July

John Moores Exhibition, John Walker Gallery, Liverpool | July

STASIS Summer Party - A Sedation, David Dale Gallery | 30th June

STASIS A Dank Hangout for UFO Enthusiasts, performing for Fritz Welch, Summer hall, Edinburgh | 26th June

Shot clock, performance by Pheobe Davies, Beth Kettle and Olivia Norris, curated by Joseph Bond | Cob Gallery | 6th June

STASIS The Sedate (wet version) Glasgow International, Love Unlimited | 28th April

Faux Pas, dance and film screening at Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh | 2nd march

STASIS, The Sedate, Resolution, The Place, London | 22nd Feb

STASIS, The Sedate Other Faces 2 curated by Francis Doso, Edinburgh | Stasis | 16th Feb


This One’s For You | Front Horse Nottingham | 9th Dec

Stuffstarts, Gel Collective, New Glasgow Society | 10th Nov

STASIS, Eros, DRAF 10th Anniversary at Koko, Frieze art Fair London | 3rd Oct

STASIS, Eros, Sluice, streamed on Thisistomorrow | 2nd Oct

Hummlemania, performing for Mette Sterre, Birmingham Weekender | 23rd & 24th Sept

Black Hole Empire, choreography for Mette Sterre, London College of Fashion | 22nd Sept

This One’s For You, Supernormal Festival, Oxford | 5th, 6th August

STASIS It Just Keeps Happening, Dance International Glasgow | 9th May

STASIS Liane - Linae - Alien, curated by Dafne Boggeri, Marselleria Permanent Exhibition, Milan | 19th April

STASIS Best Of, show with James Findlay, Embassy Show at Hutt Collective, Nottingham | 16th March

Mercy Seat, Music Video, Official Selection for Denver Film Festival | March

Bread and Butter, Solo immersive show, Chaodowntown, Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam | 4th March

STASIS, V, Faux Pas, | 6th Jan


Touch My Ego (please), Group show with Jesse Rivers and Edinburgh Leisure, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh | 25th Nov - 15th Dec

STASIS, It Just Keeps Happening, Performing for Pester and Rossi, Baltic 39, Newcastle | 5th Nov

STASIS, Pompe, London | 7th Sept

Wovoka Gentle, Chats Palace & The Pick Factory London | 29th Oct 28th April

STASIS, She is a soft touch, I Still Belive at Inverleith House, Edinburgh | 14th Aug

STASIS Circus Between Worlds, Glasgow International, Neil Bromwich and Zoe Walker | 8th - 10 April

STASIS Mega Hammer | Glasgow International | Marvin Gaye Chetwynd | 7th April